About R&R Teamwork Ltd

R&R Teamwork is an independent drinks PR agency specialising in brand strategy. Established in 1995, our London-based company has been rewarded for its professionalism, individuality and creativity.

R&R specialises in drink and food - creating PR programmes, guiding New Product Development and facilitating the seeding of products into appropriate markets. R&R are both creative and strategic, educational and inspirational. Our contact base of food, drink and lifestyle media, distributors, buyers, sommeliers, retailers and drinks educators makes us a one stop shop for growing brands.  

We focus on education, wine and beer knowledge working with fun food and alcohol combinations and specialise in Wine, Beer, Spirits, Restaurant and Cool Drink PR.

We have inspired articles for our clients on a diverse range of subjects: the science of ageing beer; the way that glass shape alters taste; the health benefits of wine and beer; the cellaring potential of higher alcohol beers; the best single varietal wines to accompany South American ceviches; the science of steam-ageing Madeira - conducted in a London Sauna; and the effects of 'terroir' on grapes, hops, barley and blackcurrants.

R&R helps restaurants to launch, or to publicise their menus, chefs or food philosophy. We also work closely with top restaurants to create special menus matched to clients' brands, and to hold dinners matching a range of food styles or categories to clients' wines, beers or spirits. Past pairings have included cheese; chocolate; asparagus; gulls eggs; sushi; smoked foods; pies; puddings; and Scottish, English, French, Tandoor, Goanese, Danish and Thai cuisines.

R&R also works closely with cookery schools and wine schools, and was a founder of www.thebeeracademy.co.uk, the world's first generic beer school.

R&R's most recent NPD is Mr Trotter's Great British Pork Crackling, which uses All-British pork to re-define an iconic - but previously lowly British food - the pork scratching.

In terms of client care, R&R strives to play a strategic role in all aspects of our clients’ products including production, packaging, pricing and distribution. R&R regard this sharing of ideas and advice as a vital additional resource for product development or brand management.

R&R has been voted the top drinks UK PR agency in Wine Business, and by The Circle of Wine Writers; and been described in a Harpers Retail survey of wine writers as the "most responsive, efficient, proactive PR agency".

“Utterly amazing. If everyone in the wine, beer and the rest of the booze business worked as hard and as accurately as this we would all be living in a much better place - you have applied my appallingly pedantic self-imposed mantra of accuracy, with an unimpeachably beautiful quality angle to an orgasmically 'boring' subject and given it the seemingly impossible kiss of life!”

Matthew Jukes, Wine Writer, Mail on Saturday

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